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Falcatus Plumosus Myriocladus Cwebe Meyeri Sprengeri Mazeppa virgatus
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Chen-Yaffe Seeds:
  • Chen-Yaffe Seeds is a family-owned farm, specializing in, and dedicated to, production of high quality
    ornamental asparagus seeds.
  • We aim to supply the demand for quality and economic ornamentals on a sustainable basis, striving to build long-term relationships of trust with our customers.
  • For 30 years we have been reliably supplying our seeds to professional wholesale nurseries in Europe.

Our advantages:

A. Quality:

  • We have specialized in producing high quality exotic Asparagus seeds for 30 years

  • Our nurtured cultivation of mother plants and well-monitored production process enable us to ensure the seeds’ originality, purity and germination capacity.
  • We make continuous efforts to ensure the seeds’ quality, applying rigorously managed methods of harvesting, cleaning, sorting and packaging.
  • The National Plant Protection and Inspection Authority tests the purity and germination rate of each crop, enabling us to guarantee purity and a vitality of at least 75%, (actual vitality is almost always higher). 
  • We provide phytosanitary certification for each shipment. 
  • We strive to ship very fresh crops of seeds, avoiding seed storage. Exceptions are made only with customer agreement. 
  • We treat the seeds with an acceptable fungicide to prevent harvested crops from deteriorating during transport and storage.
B. Timing 
  • Due to our microclimate, we can offer our fresh seed crops three-seven months before fresh crops are available from other sources.
  • Fresh crops of Asp. Falctus, Asp. Myriocladus and Asp. Cwebe from November/December till May.
  • Fresh crops of Asp. Spresgerii, Asp. Plomusos Nanus, and Asp. Mazeppa from March/April.
C. Reliable service
  • We do our best to ensure fast and efficient delivery of seeds to customers.
  • We accompany each order along its preparation to its security inspection in the airport.
  • We coordinate shipments with customers, to meet their special requirements and schedules.
Tal Yaffe, Chen-Yaffe seeds; Phone: + 972-8-6881018; Fax: +972-153-8-6881018; e-mail: